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Aion 5.8 - Heart of Frost Patch Notes - Archive - Aion Online Aion 5.8 – Heart of Frost Patch Notes ... Fixed an issue where when a Gunslinger closes their private store, the Pistol equipped in their right hand slot takes longer than normal to display. 7. Made the resting/normal animations for the female [Motion Card] Skating item more natural. ... - Changed some requirements for the pet egg crafting ...

Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52) | PC Gamer Read more of their awesome work at The Aion PowerWiki ! A Good Review on Aion - Aion News - Aion for quite a long time and they have got some reviews on this game , the following points are listed by xblade724 , please read and see what does he think of this game :aion kinavery cool, hanging. Aion Guides | Aion Life

1100 ncoin won't even get you the 18 slot pack pet, let alone the 30 slot. So, unless you really want something valuable in-game, you're going to have to spend quite a bit of money. Personally, I'd rather pay a $15 sub a month and be able to get all pets/mounts/etc, in game, in the form of quests, etc.

Guardians of Ember - Gameforge AG Das Portfolio umfasst zahlreiche bekannte Marken der Spieleindustrie, die preisgekrönten Rollenspiele Runes of Magic, AION Free-to-Play und TERA sowie Europas erfolgreichstes MMO, Metin2. NosTale Od 18. prosince bude systém partnerů rozšířen o tři nové fantastické karty specialisty partnerů! Proměň svého partnera na ninju!

† All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki. Quest Notes. This quest introduces you to the Pet …

First there is the pet seller in panda/ sanctum - look out for some NPCs with pets all around them. These are pretty basic but include a 6 slot bag pet. You can also buy pets with Crucible Insignia, these ones are a bit better and include a useful loot pet. Aion 5.6 - Letter quest and Pet quest - YouTube Hello guys, today were doing the quest for the pets that are totally different. enjoy Aion Pet Peeves - General Discussion - Aion Online Problem with that: There just aren't enough people playing Aion, plain and simple. That's why we're merging. All of the players will still be split into 6 "servers" after merge -- Katalam Ely, Katalam Asmo, Danaria Ely, Danaria Asmo, FTS Ely, FTS Asmo -- although I guess you could argue that FTS people are only on there a short while. Wings Over Atreia: A guide to Aion's menagerie - Engadget

The number of spaces available depends on the pet type and you can use your pet's pouch anytime, anywhere. NOTE: Pets share inventory with other pets of the same pack size. For example: All 12-slot pack pets will share all items stored in other 12-slot pack pets. You can store untradeable items and quest items in your pet's pouch.

The Manastone slot expansion system has been added. New items have up to 3 unlockable manastone slots - depending on their level. The manastone slot can only be used with 'Manastone Expansion'. These expansions can be purchased in the 'Gold Sand Shop' or by extracting equipment. The skill/gathering system has been restructured as follows. Aion Leveling Guide 1-50 Aion Bot, Aion Hack, Aion bots Aion Leveling Guide 1-50. 30 – 34 Now you have reached level 30, a new stigma slot will be open to you (no quest required). Also from this point you can do the campaign quest: The Tree Key’s (when you do it ask a legion member for help because there is an “easy way”). ... Aion Leveling Guide (4) Aion Pet Guides (2) Aion PVP Guides ... Aion 3.1 Big Boy Shugo Pet Giveaway - OnRPG

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Aion Pet Peeves Sign in to follow this . Followers 2. Aion Pet Peeves. ... we have over 165 guild members in Aion and most have been playing rift cause we feel completely neglected by Aion and NC Soft. It saddens a lot of us cause Aion's been our open since beta. ... You can get 60 in a couple days just off of the dark blue and gold quests, and ... Aion repair project - General Discussion - Aion Online Add real and meaningful quests and campaigns post 66+ that actually give real experience instead of 000.2% of the level. Reduce the Experience needed for 66-75. Reduce tempering from all future accessorys too +5max too make Pvp more even,Cap enchanting at +10/15 maximum. Elementis Forest | Aion Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Elementis Forest is a group instance for Level 57+ players. The entrance is found in Sarpan, at the 9 o'clock position. The instance is split into two parts - Elementis Forest and Argent Manor. The maximum number of players is 12. The re-entry is reset every day at 9 am. Contents[show... How to expand your inventory - Daevic Flux In total, you’ll have 99 slots – 27 to start with, 45 more via purchaseable upgrades, 18 more via quest rewards, and 9 via Veteran Rewards. If you still need more space after all of that, I highly recommend investing in a pack pet. You won’t be able to store any untradeable items or quest items there, but it can help carry the other ...

this post was submitted on 18 Feb 2018 .... Main mechanic is owning a pet elemental spirit, which essentially .... For quests, the main guide should be the Yellow Story quests, which give most XP but some may take a bit of time to finish. ... that give a set skill when slotted into one of your 6 stigma slots. Pets (Aion) :: Wiki :: EverQuest :: ZAM Pets (Aion) Aion Wikibase™ Guides ... Not all pets need to be fed, but if yours is one that does benefit from it you will see a Feeding tab next to Pet Info (and Pet Bag) on the Pet UI. The Feeding tab will tell you what food he likes. ... Aqua Griffo Egg - Veterans Reward (1 year) - 18-slot container - no longer available; Shugo Lass Egg (PW ... Pets in Aion – Aion Support Pets in Aion. The Game Guide article about pets should be your first stop in your quest to learn about Aion pets. The following might answer further questions on the subject. ... For example, a 6-slot pack pet and a 12-slot pack pet will each have their own Pet Bags that can hold different items. Pets : aion - reddit Ok, places to get pets. First there is the pet seller in panda/ sanctum - look out for some NPCs with pets all around them. These are pretty basic but include a 6 slot bag pet. You can also buy pets with Crucible Insignia, these ones are a bit better and include a useful loot pet.